All are welcome here!

And we really mean it!


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Child & Youth Church Services

We know that it can be difficult for children and young people to sit through a service that can be over an hour long and not necessarily geared to young children. We believe that children are an important part of our church family, and we are happy to change what we do to be more accessible to children and young families. For that reason on the third Sunday of each month we have special Sunday morning worship services. The services are specifically geared to young children who have a need to move and can not necessarily sit quietly. The worship services are at the regular time at 10:00 a.m. but they are only about 1/2 hour long with songs, music and a message geared to children and young people. There are also sweet treats for everyone after the service.

As always, all are welcome!

Our next Child and Youth Service is June 18, 2023

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Our Worship Services

Please find all our services on our YouTube Channel.