All are welcome here!

And we really mean it!

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We were very pleased to host Tom Allen and his show “The Missing Pages” on February 25th at 7:30 p.m.

During Intermission in the show the church provided delicious goodies and refreshments by donation. All of those donations will go to the Red Cross to be used for Earthquake relief in  Türkiye and Syria, and ongoing relief efforts for the people of Ukraine

We raised $645.00! Thank you for your support.


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Earthquake in Türkiye – Syria

We have all been saddened and shocked to see the devastation of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

Please keep all those affected and their families and friends around the world in your prayers.

There are many ways to help.

Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D) is working with our local partners in the area and is already on the ground helping in both Syria and Türkiye. You can donate directly to the relief effort through the link below. We do not know yet whether our federal government will be matching these funds.

PWS&D Earthquake Relief

You can also donate through the Red Cross where your funds will be matched by the federal government of Canada.


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Child & Youth Church Services

We know that it can be difficult for children and young people to sit through a service that can be over an hour long and not necessarily geared to young children. We believe that children are an important part of our church family, and we are happy to change what we do to be more accessible to children and young families. For that reason on the third Sunday of each month we have special Sunday morning worship services. The services are specifically geared to young children who have a need to move and can not necessarily sit quietly. The worship services are at the regular time at 10:00 a.m. but they are only about 1/2 hour long with songs, music and a message geared to children and young people. There are also sweet treats for everyone after the service.

As always, all are welcome!

Our next Child and Youth Service is March 19

The theme will be about new beginnings and plants and growth, and also what it means to care about people. We’ll be reading a book by Laura Alary called “What grew in Larry’s Garden”.  It is an amazing book!

As part of our coffee hour we will be having a “Sundae Sunday”!

Make your own ice cream sundaes with lots of toppings!

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COVID-19 Information

We know that COVID-19 is still in the community, thought thankfully the numbers are now going down again. There are no provincial or city of Ottawa regulations or mandates for churches at this time, however it is still recommended that those with compromised immune systems and anyone at risk continue to mask when inside in groups of people. Here at St. Andrew’s we no longer require masking however we still encourage people to mask when we gather for worship.

Here is a brief summary of how we are dealing with COVID-19

      • If you have COVID symptoms or you are not well, please stay home and join us online.
      • We will continue livestream and recorded services indefinitely.
      • You may sit wherever you like, but try to leave 2 meters between your group and the next closest group of people, and be sensitive of other people’s comfort level with sitting close to people.
      • If in doubt, just ask if they are comfortable with you sitting near them.
      • We are planning to return to Coffee Hour at the beginning of March!

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Our Worship Services

Please find all our services on our YouTube Channel.