200th Anniversary

The 200th anniversary Committee in consultation with the Session is proposing many things for the coming year. We have already ordered some 200th anniversary pens for the congregation and for us to share with others. Work has begun on a new St. Andrew’s Cookbook! (Contact Marlene and Alan if you have a recipe you would like included. More information to come on that project.) We have replaced the bench in the church garden with one that says “Welcome” on it. As you have seen, we have also designed a logo to celebrate our 200th Anniversary.
On Thanksgiving Sunday we celebrated the dedication some of our 200th Anniversary Projects.
1. A bench near the Stittsville Main St. sidewalk for us and for the community.
2. We installed a wooden picnic table on the church lawn, again for the community and for us to use. It too will have the words “All are welcome here” caved into the top of it. It is anchored to the ground, so it doesn’t walk away.
3. And thirdly, on Thanksgiving weekend we planted a red oak tree on the church lawn in celebration of our 200th anniversary. We hope that the next generation might gather under that oak tree to celebrate the 250th anniversary of our congregation, or even the 300th anniversary.
4. We also put up a banner in celebration of our 200th Anniversary Year and reinstalled the sign on new posts.