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An evening of storytelling and music, featuring CBC Radio’s Tom Allen. The Last Curlew is adapted from the pioneering environmental novel by Fred Bodsworth, The Last of the Curlews. This inspiring story follows the 13 000 km migration of a lone, critically endangered Eskimo Curlew in search of a mate.

With music by Alexandra Louie, Ralph Vaughan-Williams and R. Murray Schafer.

Narrated by: Tom Allen and Annika Broadhead
Harp: Lori Gemmell
Violin: Mark Fewer
Dance: Julia Aplin

For advance tickets call 613-831-1256

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The world was shocked and devastated by the senseless killing at the Islamic Centre in Quebec City.

Along with the Students at Frederick Banting Alternative High School he have reached out to the local Muslim Community and offered our prayers and support.

And here we are presenting the card to our friend Aisha Sherazi

A letter from the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

I am the child of immigrants. My parents came to Canada from Germany in the early 1950s when the wounds of the second world war were still very fresh. Nevertheless, Canada opened its arms to my parents, who were able to plan a future and raise their children in a land of opportunity and peace.

When I hear of severe limitations being placed on immigration, I cannot help but think of my parents, who were genuinely fearful of war erupting in Europe again, and who then found refuge for themselves and their children in Canada. So many refugees in our world today are in a far more desperate plight. My heart goes out to those whose hope has been taken away. May we in Canada ever seek to open our doors to those in need of a new start and a hopeful future.

It is difficult to separate the tragic shootings in Quebec from the rhetoric of xenophobia gaining ground in our world. Our prayers are with the families of the victims, for the recovery of the survivors, and for the hearts of the affected community. We are all impacted by such events, and are challenged as Canadians together to resist all forms of hate-based speech and violence.

As people of faith, we are particularly affected by the Quebec shootings. We hope and pray that acts of violence against faith communities of all kinds will be condemned and resisted by all. I can think of words no more suitable than those of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

“To invoke God to justify violence against the innocent is not an act of sanctity but of sacrilege. It is a kind of blasphemy. Too often in the history of religion, people have killed in the name of the God of life, waged war in the name of the God of peace, hated in the name of the God of love and practised cruelty in the name of the God of compassion. When this happens, God speaks, sometimes in a still, small voice almost inaudible beneath the clamour of those claiming to speak on his behalf. What God says at such times is: Not in My Name.”

May the God of life, peace, love and compassion be with all who suffer and are in need.


The Rev. Douglas H. Rollwage
Moderator of the 142nd General Assembly

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Body Mind and Soul

Presbyterian Church in Canada study document on Human Sexuality

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Thanks to the congregation for helping out with Frederick Banting Alternative High School Food Drive! Great response! Now we need a bigger car…


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We had a great time on the float in the Parade of Lights again this year!

Thanks to our Bell ringers on the Float too!

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What are WE doing about the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

The Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group (KSRSG) has eight member Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches in The Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group. We have some great news to report. On Friday, June 17, the Hakam and Nejrabi families arrived who were originally from Afghanistan and had been living in Tajikistan. The 12 members of these two families are related to each other and have family members here in Ottawa who will be providing them with much of the required support. They fled Afghanistan due to threats from the Taliban and other violence, in part because of their work in the health care field, and we have been working on their refugee sponsorship for about 4 years. On Wednesday June 29 we also welcomed Dani Marina, a single male from Syria, who had been living in Jordan. He also has family members here in Ottawa who will be supporting him and we submitted his application in early March. He fled Syria due in large part to the violence and persecution he faced there as a Christian. We are very pleased that these people are being reunited with their families, and will have the opportunity to live in peace and safety here in Canada. At the present time we do not require the donations of any household or clothing items for them. We will keep you informed about ways you might assist them, and also let you know about any news we receive regarding the others from Syria and Afghanistan whose sponsorship applications are still being considered by Canadian immigration officials. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group.

If you are interested in helping out with Refugees give us a call.