Nursery will be staffed on a regular basis

Our Nursery will be staffed on a regular basis. Heather McKeown has offered to take on the job of setting up a schedule of those willing to help in this very important part of ministry. Please let her know if you would be willing to spend an hour once in a while with the little ones. his is a great opportunity for the youth who are looking to fulfill their Community Service time. (There is a speaker in the nursery so you won’t be missing the service completely.)
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Have Jewelry, Will Travel

I have bins of beautiful handmade jewelry made by the ladies in Uganda.
They are part of a project called Caring Hands. These ladies are working
hard to improve their life and the lives of their families and communities.
If you are meeting with any group of ladies, four or more, I will come with
the jewelry and they can look at it. I also have a DVD about the project. If
you wish your group could come to my home instead.
I can provide tea and coffee.
All the proceeds go to charity. Seventy percent goes directly to Uganda
and thirty percent goes to the C.A R.E. project at St. Andrews Presbyterian
Church, Stittsville. If you would like to learn more about this or want to
book a date, please call Anita Wong at 613 836-9564

Caring Hands Photos

More information can be found at www://